January 2013


Finally, I haven't made any video for THAC X, the contest I wrote about in my last news. I couldn't find any good idea according to the theme (The Grand Unveiling) so I gave up. I compliment every brickfilmer who made and achieved this very particular challenge this year.

The most important unveiling in this article is the upload of my personnel sound library : AiwhaSound. It contains 95 records I made myself, and will surely be improve. Keep an eye on it.

Image externeAiwhaSound

Clic the link above or contact me for more informations about AiwhaSound.

Les Brickstars
The Brickstars 2012, the biggest french brickfilming contest ar now over. The results are visible on Brick à Brack.
Surprisingly I won the first price for the "Best Screenplay" award with my brickfilm Paris, 1850. I won a WWII German Heer Soldier custom minifigure provided by Brick Republic.
I thank our two sponsors for this event : Brick Republic and La Petite Brique, and also every contestant and the jury. I compliment the winners too. Everyone allowed this fourth edition of the Brickstars to be the best one, with a lot of entries and prices for the winners. See you next year !