November 2012

News Website

I didn't write on this website for a long, but the whole website has now changed. You can now browse the version 4 of Aiwha-Brickfilms.com.

Version 4 !
This news version has a soberer design, however it is adaptable to your favorite colors, and it is more blog oriented, all the news now appear on the homepage. I'll try to post more regularly on the website.
The other big change in this version is the apparition of the two little flags on the top left of the screen, which allows you to change the language of the website (English/French).
Except this, everything is quite similar to the old version, but many texts were slightly modified. The descriptions and informations about my brickfilms were rewritten, you can find my two Photo galeries and the two Brickfilm Quizzes as well as my series of articles about the Histoiry of Brickfilms.
My tutorial on How to make a brickfilm is now complete and you can read it in the Tutorials section next the a redirection to my tutorial about the chroma keying in Pinnacle Studio.
The "About" page was rewritten and is now up to date, this is also from this page that you can contact me.
The Guestbook is still there, and now supports the BaBCode as well as the rest of the website.
A new useful tool is now implemented : the search bar</gras>, which will search your keywords in the different sections of the website : Brickfilms, News...

Other newsMy Brickfilms
The last news is very old, and I have since then released a new brickfilm, the adaptation of the last scene of The Artist, for the Animation Challenge "Dance Number".
I am currently working on a new, quite short, brickfilm.

Brick-à-BrackBrick-à-Brack is now on version 3 since August. This version was entirely developed by Maxou44, Tip'Motion et myself. There is a lot of changes, you'd better look by yourself, it worth it !
Just like every year, Brick-à-Brack organize the BrickStars, the biggest french brickfilm contest. And for the first time, you can win prizes ! This year, the Brickstars 2012 are sponsored by The Little Brick et Brick Republic.

Here it is, this is all I have to say, I hope I'll write soon on the website. Don't hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter and to follow me on Twitter to know the lastest news, et feel free to leave your feedback on the Guestbook !