Paul and Masbatt, the well known astonautes, are back from their mission on Mars. Interview.
This brickfilms is an entry for a contest hosted by Agent-, director of Paul & Masbatt (brickfilm not released yet).
I decided to include his characters into my brickfilm, with a journalist conducting an interview of them, in order to have an original video. The video have won the contest.

For the first time we can hear the voice actor of the Doublage Libre, whom I asked again to act in Paris, 1850.
This was also the first time I tried the ease-on/ease-out technic.

In order to make this brickfilm, I stopped the production of another brickfilm (which I finally have cancelled), and the interview takes place in set originally build for this brickfilm. To illustrate this, I decided to put some shooting gear on the screen, we can see a projector on the background and sometimes a perch at the top af the screen.


Mai 15, 2011 6:52 PM by Aiwha.
Les résultats ont déjà été donnés, et j'ai gagné !
(Parce que je suis le seul a avoir rendu ma vidéo à temps... :-° )
Mai 15, 2011 6:47 PM by MBStudio.
Trop top Aiwha ce film j'espère que tu va gagner
February 20, 2011 4:09 PM by Aiwha.
C'est vrai que les personnages sont super, je me demande qui les a inventés ! ^^
February 20, 2011 00:10 AM by agent-.
J'adore tes personnages ! Leur noms sont très bien choisis